Meetings & Crusades - Ukraine


EIM’s 10 day mission trip to this country in April 2010 was memorable. Rev. Joseph Samuel and Evg. Aby Paul ministered.

EIM participated in a 10 day mission trip to Ukraine in April 2010. Rev. Joseph Samuel and Evg. Aby Paul ministered in various sessions which were memorable and a real blessing.

Once a part of the Soviet Union and communist reign for decades, Ukraine became independent after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Ever since, the Lord opened this nation for the gospel and the churches are flourishing.

When we walked in the soil of this land and ministered to the people, our hearts were filled with joy, as God honored the desires that were in our heart for years. Our coordinator in Ukraine received us from the airport at Kharkov and gave us a tour of the city.


Our ministry started in Good News Christian Church on Sunday, April 11, 2010. They had two combined services and one youth service (three services on Sundays). The congregation consisted of approximately 1,000 members, in each service. We thank God for Bishop Vitaliy Faliy, Senior Pastor of the church, for his vision for the congregation and for the city. Yes indeed, the power God moved during the ministry and hundreds came forward for the touch of the Holy Spirit. The fire of the Holy Spirit came down upon the youths during the youth service, calling and preparing the youths for reaching the city.


The ministry in Zaporizhshya began with the Leadership Conference on Tuesday, April 12, 2010. Pastors and leaders from various congregations in the city attended the conference. The anointing of the Holy Spirit touched all, in preparation to capture the city for Jesus.

Hundreds came to seek the face of God on Wednesday morning during the fasting and tarry meeting. We could not help but pour out our heart with tears as the presence of God hit this place. Many were delivered in the miracle services on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Hundreds were in attendance in the convention held at Word of Life Christian Church on April 16-17, 2010 (Friday & Saturday). The Lord released prophetic word for the city. As Pastor Joseph declared a “new chapter has begun for this city“, the presence of God saturated the place and people committed their life for the gospel. We were privileged to minister in a Jewish-Christian congregation on Saturday morning. The Lord had specific word for everyone in attendance.

We were privileged to minister in three churches on Sunday. All the churches were packed and we had an awesome time in worship together with the brothers and sisters in Ukraine. In the church service of the Word of Life Christian Church, Pastor Joseph declared the plan of God for this church and laid his hands upon the leadership and released them for the harvest. In the anniversary service of the international church, attendees consisted of people from different nationality and languages, a good number of them medical students. For some, it was their first time attending a church service and many came forward to give their heart to the Lord. Finally, we ministered in the evening service of Assembly of God church and we are grateful to the Bishop of the Assembly of God in the city for opening his church. Many committed their life for service of the Lord.

We were truly encouraged by the unity of the churches and the Pastors in the city. They all paid a big price for the kingdom of God; therefore, we see the fruits of their labor. Their sacrifice and passion for the Lord is noteworthy. The life and testimony of Rev. Anatoliy Trachuk, Senior Pastor of Word of Life Christian Church, has humbled us. A servant of God, once almost faced with death, but the Lord healed and raised him to touch hundreds and thousands in the city, and nations.

We can never forget the Ukraine mission trip. This has been a humbling experience for us. The love of the children of God, their hospitality, their zeal for the kingdom of God motivated us even more.

As I am writing about this mission trip, my heart is filled with gratitude to our coordinator, all the Pastors, leaders, brothers and sisters for their warm welcome and kind services to us while in Ukraine.

The next mission trip for Ukraine is scheduled for May, 2011. Three weeks of programs consists of crusades, miracle services, and conferences in main three cities. We are excited about the opportunity; for the first time, we have scheduled a crusade/deliverance meeting among the gypsies. Let us work together to be a part of something special. Please contact us.

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