Meetings & Crusades - Tanzania

Tanzania - 2008

Kigoma - September 2008:

The ministering team included Rev. Joseph Samuel, Dr. Suresh Koshy and sister Susan Koshy.

The five-day crusade started on Wednesday, with the greeting of the Mayor of the City. Rev. Samuel prayed and blessed the Mayor. Rev. Samuel, Dr. Koshy and sister Susan ministered in the crusade.

The two-day Pastors’ conference have ignited the Pastors once again for an end-time harvest. Given below is one of the reports received from our coordinator.

"Hi man of God,
much greetings from kigoma. it is my hope that you are back to USA. how was the Kenya Crusade ?. on saturday we hod a meeting all kigoma pastors came looking how the crusade was and how many people who got saved. pastor real the Lord used you a lot here in kigoma. all kigoma church got new believers who received Jesus on your crusade. 57 churches got new believers. in total we got 378 who gave their live to Jesus glory be to God. 123 people who has been derifered from demon posses. in my church we got 45 new believers and we were able to baptized 26 people. Pastor and man of God Samuel with those who are with you in Emmanuel ministries.Kgoma pastors asked me to send their apriciation to you for coming to minister to us. is because of your ministry we were able to get those new believers not only that because of you pastors were able to come to gether and work to gether as a body of Christ which is not normal here.pastors were so blessed for your teaching in pastors seminal. so they told me tell you when you come again you may add more days. . but there are still same testimon for peolpe whose were derivered from diseases I will let you know later."

Each night witnessed a crowd of 15,000 to 20,000 people. Hundreds came forward each night. We have witnessed the miraculous once again. We returned from Tanzania assuring the Pastors we will visit Tanzania again.

KIGOMA is getting ready again for a great harvest. Pastors conference and crusades have been planned for September, 2011. Would you like to join us for this event? Please contact us.

Tanzania - 2006

By God’s grace and as a result of your fervent prayers and support, EIM team (Pastor Joseph Samuel, Brother Cherry Sam & Brother Aby Paul) has reached Africa with the glorious gospel and the Lord has touched these nations with his power. We can never forget the African way of welcome: brothers and sisters at Kigoma singing and dancing for the Lord at the airport with braches of trees in their hands waiting to greet the EIM team.

September 8 - 10, 2006: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania:

Thousands were in attendance. Brother Aby started the crusade at Dar Es Salaam on 8th. Pastor Joseph joined him on 9th. On 11th, Pastor Joseph prophesized upon Tanzania “dry bones, you will become an Army of the Lord” in the National Christian Radio telecast. Brother Aby conducted the ministers’ conference and the ministers were filled with the glory of God.

September 13 - 17, 2006: Kigoma Tanzania:

Thousands of hungry souls were present to hear the gospel each evening on the city ground. Brother Cherry started the crusade with the word “Kigoma, we are back to bless this land”. Pastor Joseph and Brother Cherry shared the word each evening and the crowed rejoiced in the presence of God. The ministers were revived in the conference on Saturday. Brother Cherry’s message “I am a prisoner of Christ” challenged the ministers for a new commitment.

Dear friends, we have witnessed hundreds coming to the kingdom of God, healing of sick and the power of God being manifested in each meeting.

Per the report of our coordinator in Africa, a total of 1,600 new souls have been added to the kingdom of God in these crusades. Given below are two of the testimonies we have received from our coordinator:

“Wonderful. God is good, yes I have some testimonies I met one pastor who came to me and appreciate your ministry. He said that they received 30 new members who got saved through your ministry, another pastor said one of His church member she was feeling much pain in Her left hand and leg she could not be able to carry anything for 2 years but she came to the crusade on Saturday, you prayed for her and she was healed- now no more pain she can lift things.”

“We are all doing well here in Kigoma. Last week, I met one pastor who told me that in his church they got testimony last Sunday. There was one young boy who was not able to see almost 2 years, His parents took him to hospital but nothing happened. He came to the Crusade on Sunday. When you called people to be prayed, he came and He was prayed and He got healed now He can see. “

I give all glory and honor to our master, Lord Jesus Christ. It is a privilege for us all to be in the Lord’s end-time harvest army. Together we can make a difference!

Tanzania - 2005

Kigoma – Your Future is Great!

It was a memorable trip from New York to Kigoma, Tanzania. Unpaved runway, flight with no seat numbers, Toyota Corolla car on rocky and muddy roads, coconut, palm and mango trees, fried fish and rice (omelets for Aby) for lunch and dinner every day, but thousands of people hungry for God sitting on a muddy ground.

Friday, November 25th:

We reached Kigoma airport at 5:15 PM on Friday and were greeted by a group of men of God. We were taken directly to the crusade site. The meeting started at 4:30 PM and as soon as we arrived, we were given the podium. Brother Cherry Sam addressed the crowd: Kigoma Jesus loves you and we love you. The Lord brought us here for your blessing. Brother Aby Paul, as usual, crazy for the Lord lifted both his hands (without realizing he had the microphone in his right hand - only a humor) and challenged the crowd from the word – Lazarus you cannot be in the tomb any more, Jesus is here! Kigoma, come out you cannot be in the tomb, Jesus is here!

Pastor Joseph continued – it does not matter how long you are in the tomb, you have to come out because Jesus is here. Jesus who healed the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years, passed through her street, so that she can touch and receive her deliverance. The same Jesus is near to you. Yes indeed, the crowd responded to the call of God.

Saturday, November 26th:

Brother Aby (Paul as lovingly called by Kigomites) started the Ministers Conference in the morning (more than hundred ministers were present) from the word: Jacob, walk in the light of God – God not only send rain but also light. God fills us with his spirit and fire – glory to God, the presence of God filled the church. Pastor Joseph continued. Make this valley full of ditches (but how many – he left it for the Ministers to decide the size of miracle). It is for us to make the ditches and it is God for to send the water. Not only he sends water, but also he makes the water shine. He challenged the Ministers with the word, we are the one called by God to confuse the enemy and build the Kingdom of God. The Ministers were revived and the group prayed for impartation of the spirit upon the ministers. The meeting ended with the request of the Ministers and us assuring them to hold a five-day seminar next year.

Thousands were in attendance waiting upon God in the evening crusade. It started with the prayer of Brother Aby, bringing heaven down to the place. Brother Cherry shared from the word – wall of Jericho cannot stand before the worshippers. No wall can stand before the shout of God’s people. The wall falls down when you obey God – be silent when he asks, shout when he asks. Pastor Joseph continued prophesying that wall of Kigoma is coming down – wall standing against the ministry of God’s servants, against prosperity of the people – sickness, poverty, strong holds and powers of darkness are falling down. He continued – God of Jabez is at Kigoma. Kigoma, your destiny is not what you are born with. God of Jabez, God of Jacob (Israel), God of Berthemai, is here to change your destiny. Between your birth and your destiny, there is a God who intervenes! He prophesied upon hundreds of children seated in the front – here are the history makers. Africa will not be a receiver but a giver because of the Lord’s grace and abundance. Oh Yes! The crowd rejoiced in the presence of God and ran to the front for the touch of the Lord.

Sunday, November 27th:

The morning started with an English service. Pastor Joseph shared from the word: Joshua be strong and courageous, the Lord is with you. The congregation was encouraged. The attendees included Brother Gerald and Sister Carol Boehlke, missionaries settled at Kigoma (originally from Rochester New York). They invited us for dinner at their home Sunday evening, one of the best foods we had at Kigoma! Thanks to this loving family for their kindness and hospitality.

For the main service on Sunday, Brother Aby ministered at a different location and Pastor Joseph and Brother Cherry ministered at the Local congregation.

Evening crusade, we thought, might be cancelled due to heavy rain, but thanks be unto God, the weather changed and the crusade started 5 P.M. (half an hour late). Thousands again in attendance. Brother Cherry greeted the crowd with encouraging words: I love my children and I am going to take gifts for my children in New York. If an earthly father like me loves my children, how much more the heavenly father loves us. He is here tonight with his gifts. Brother Aby in action with hands up: The lame cannot sit at the beautiful gate because Peter and John, though have no silver and gold, have the name of Jesus which is powerful to make the lame walk. He encouraged the crowd: Kigoma raise up in the name of Jesus! Pastor Joseph continued the message, you may have question what these Indian ministers have with them, do not look at our wallet but look at our eyes. These eyes have a story – these eyes have seen the master and his glory. Though our wallets may be empty nor do we have silver and gold, we have a name with us that will fill your wallets and create gold and silver for Kigoma, that is the name above every other name, HIS NAME IS JESUS! Kigoma, you cannot be lame any more – you cannot be poor any more, you cannot be cursed any more, you cannot be sick any more – you are not called to sit but to stand in the name of Jesus! Glory to God, the crowd stood up for JESUS!

Kigoma invited us to come back, not only for their blessing, but also for blessing of their neighboring countries Get ready, Get ready, Get ready!

We are now back in New York safe and encouraged by the grace of God.

Dear Friends, this is what your fervent prayer can do. May the Heavenly father bless you richly!

Yours, in His Service
Pastor Joseph Samuel

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