Meetings & Crusades - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

EIM had planned crusades in the northern part of Sri Lanka, because of the violence and security issue in the region, we had to postpone our plan for the future. However, we conducted two days special meetings.

February 11 & 12, 2007 – Coordinator Brother NF

Two special meetings were conducted at a church in Colombo on Saturday evening & Sunday morning and the congregations were revived.

Sunday evening, a combined revival meeting of Tamils and Singhalese was conducted at Negombo, with two translations in Tamil and Singhalese. More than 500 people attended.

β€œit was indeed a breakthrough meeting at Negombo, people still talk about it, this is God at work and I like it that way. Since then and last week we had the Pastors and leaders from the district get together for a time of prayer for two days , under the leadership of Pastor Chandy (senior) my wife & I enjoyed the privilege of leading the worship and praise God words cant explain what an experience it was (Brother NF).”

Sri Lanka is still in our heart. We are still awaiting for the right opportunity and time to conduct crusades in the northern region. Please uphold this nation in your prayer so that the land may be healed.

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