Meetings & Crusades - Nigeria

October, 2009

Jesus promised, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail it.” As soon as EIM had undertaken to conduct a crusade in this part of the world, we had to go through many challenges. It would have been easy to have given up this mission (and we thought of it many times); however, we obeyed the small voice of the Holy Spirit and by the grace of God, the unity and support of our partners, we have a report - a report of victory! Hallelujah!

The EIM touring team consisted of Rev. Joseph Samuel, Dr. Jacob Aruldhas, and Dr. Ako Tabetah. These three men of God ministered in the crusade and conferences.

A report compiled by the Coordinator is given below, for the glory of God (it is worth noting that the positive approach of the coordinator, the unity of the crusade committee and the uncompromising commitment of the believers made this crusade happen, despite all the challenges - a special thank you note to Dr. Ako and Rev. John Evans).

Theme: Awake Nigeria 2009
Venue: Ikom, Cross River State, Nigeria.
Date: October 22nd-24th 2009

Glory be to God almighty for the great things He did in Ikom, Cross River State, Nigeria during the crusade AWAKE NIGERIA of 22nd-24th October 2010 . I want to thank the Emmanuel International Ministries (EIM) for not only financing this great evangelical campaign, but also for its President, Rev Joseph Samuel, the mighty man of God the Lord used to bring forth His word and healing to needy souls and bodies.

When the Lord opened our eyes to go to Nigeria, we had known it was going to be a tough turf . This was evidenced by the great opposition we faced in New York and countless obstacles the Local Organizing committee ( LOC) encountered in Ikom, Nigeria as they put final touches to the Crusade. We thank God that His presence was made manifest.

The EIM partnered with over 30 churches and 50 pastors in Ikom, Cross River State for this Citywide Crusade which also included a Fire Conference. In an environment where it is very difficult to have many churches working together, it was quite a blessing to see all these churches come together and form a mass choir for the Crusade. The Churches worked in unity of the faith and in unity with one another. We thank God for the LOC Chairman who is also the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and all the Ministers in Ikom for being used mightily of God during this Crusade. Proper plans for follow up of souls which submitted to Christ had been made by this united body of Churches.

A day prior to the commencement of the Citywide Crusade, there was a Citywide rally. In a town which had dealt with witchcraft, poverty and political turmoil among other things, it was good to see hundreds of Christians who had spent time in the place of prayer come out boldly and take the City for Christ. There was a unique atmosphere in the City.

Thousands of people flocked from neighboring villages to Ikom to witness the power of God as Evangelist Joseph Samuel shared the love of God for the world through His son Jesus Christ. One unique observation during this Crusade was the heavy rainfall everyday the crusade was held. Around the time the crusade was to kick off, it will begin to rain heavily. Because the stadium where the crusade was held was an open stadium, it poured directly on all involved. But we give praise to God because the spiritual outpouring of the Holy Spirit dwarfed any rain fall. As a result we witnessed thousands turn up for the crusade.

Rev. Joseph Samuel drew deep from the word of God and preached the gospel with power. The valley of dry bones took life. The fire burned in the hearts of men as the unconditional love of God through His son Jesus Christ was shared. Despite the heavy downpour and the difficult conditions , hundreds of people made a first time decision for Christ and many more recommitted their lives. It was quite refreshing to see the Rev. Joseph Samuel and other Ministers preach the gospel as it rained directly on them. The Rev. Samuel politely rejected an offer for an umbrella as he mounted the platform.

The Lord's anointing accompanied His word as we witnessed healing of various sorts. According to the LOC Chairman, every Minister of the gospel testified that their lives and Ministry were greatly impacted.

The Fire Conference and Business mens' meeting were held in the morning. They were a blessing to all those present, especially the Ministers of the gospel in Ikom, many of whom made a commitment to drink deeper from the well of living water, Jesus Christ, even as Dr. Ako Tabetah shared from the word.

Dr Jacob used scripture to explain basic guidelines for any succesful business. Dr. Jacob Arouldhas and Dr. Ako Tabetah ( of the Global Christian Mission USA and the International coordinator of the Crusade Awake Nigeria 2009) joined the Rev. Joseph Samuel to Minister in the Crusade, Fire Conference, and in the Business mens' meeting.

That this Crusade was a success is a great pointer to the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. There was so much opposition to this Crusade especially on the first day of the crusade. But it pleased Lord that His perfect plan was made manifest. He had given us the gates of the City. The Crusade actually went on as planned in the stadium (where crusades had been banned), as the Lord once more intervened. We thank God that neither man nor elements could thwart His perfect plan.

We give thanks to God for using the Emmanuel International Ministries (EIM) to finance this great gospel project and for using the Man of God Rev. Joseph Samuel to bless a nation and heal the land.

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