Meetings & Crusades - Malawi

September, 2009

In the crusades conducted in Malawi, Africa, thousands of souls have been touched. Hundreds of Pastors and ministers of the gospel were revived. In the convention and church meetings in South Africa, the Lord spoke to the heart of people. I want to personally thank you for your prayer and support. I thought of sharing with you the following report we received from the Coordinator of Malawi crusade. All glory and honor belongs to Jesus! Glory to his holy name!

Report received from the Coordinator of Malawi crusade:

“We are very grateful to God for your timely visit to mzuzu malawi. We thank God for the pastors conference and the crusade.

In fact I have delayed to send you this report because I was busy following up from the follow up team to get at least real report.

Every day four to six thousand were hearing the gospel and a total of four thousand one hundred are reported to have received Jesus as their lord and saviour.

Of these one thousand and fifteen are reported to have joined churches for their first time .Praise the lord. Evidently five people who could not see in one of the eyes had their sight restored when you commanded blind eyes to open on Saturday evening. On Sunday two women who could not see at all were miraculously instantly healed. Hallelujah.

Several were knocked down by the power of the holy ghost and 41 people are reported to have been delivered from demons within the three days of the crusade.

One old man had paralysed left side due to stroke .He felt like God didn’t include his blessing on Friday and Saturday but as you said today its your time on Sunday he says he felt warmth on the paralised side and his bones and muscles were restored instantly before you called people to the front.

One woman had a swollen stomach and was accused of witchcraft and chased from central region to her home village in mzuzu. She was delivered and healed right there in the stadium as you pronounced healing from cancer and tumours.

One baby by the name moffat has ear oozing since birth till then three years and received the touch of God on Sunday evening. MRS chirwa was supposed to attend an operation three days after the crusade but the doctors couldn’t find the swelling in her womb on Wednesday after she was prayed for at the crusade.

These and some more confirms that your time in mzuzu was not in vain.

The unity among pastors and churches has increased. It is the talk of our city that God had done tremendous things thru you...Thank you so much.

I just want to thank all who gave to make you come to mzuzu malawi.

Remember that your giving of time money and any other thing is not only to God because God has everything already but it is much more to us .Your giving releases your faith to God and faith pleases God then you become strategically positioned thru your giving to receive miracles even now as you read this message. I mean your sacrifice is not in vain. Indeed your faith takes you out of the natural and all its limitations and puts you into Gods abundance. Continue serving God. Personally I pray for all the sponsors and partners who stand with you that they may really know that God values them so much and have good reward.

May God continually meet all your needs according to your riches in the glory of Jesus that the gospel should not be hindered due to lack of funds.”

Malawi is getting ready for another crusade in September, 2011. Would you like to be a part of it? Please contact us.

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