Meetings & Crusades - India


What a privilege is it for us to be in the vineyard of the Lord! When we are in obedience to his call, his presence goes with us as he promised Moses. The EIM touring team included Pastor Joseph Samuel & Br. Cherry Sam. Evg. V.S. Varghese and sister Santhamma Samuel joined us in India. We traveled different parts of India and shared the glorious gospel. We have experienced the presence of the Lord in each meeting.

December 22-23, 2007 – Bangalore:

Pastor Samuel shared the word to Bethel Assembly of God congregation. The Lord has prophetic word for the church. The believers were revived.

December 25, 2007 - Ranni, Kerala:

Pastor Samuel shared the word in the district wide convention. Though it was a holiday (Christmas), more than 3,000 people attended. The Lord touched many lives.

December 26, 2007 - Punaloor, Kerala:

Pastor Samuel shared the word in the fasting prayer of Pastor Samachan’s church. The glorious presence of the Lord touched those hungry believers.

December 28-30, 2007 - Gujarat:

Pastor Samuel and Br. Cherry shared from the word in the morning meeting and evening crusades. Evg. Varghese spoke in the Pastors conference. Sister Santhamma was the main speaker for the women’s conference. Hundreds came forward to give their heart to the Lord. Mighty miracles were reported. Dumb and mute started talking. Indeed it was a life changing experience for the participants and those who ministered.

January 1-2, 2008 - Loni, Maharashtra:

This was the first public gospel meeting conducted in this village. Pastor Samuel and Br. Cherry shared from the word. The Lord delivered those who were bound by demons and healed many. Sister Santhamma and Evg. Varghese ministered in the believers’ conference. Hundreds came forward to receive Christ.

January 3-4, 2008 - Ahmednagar, Mahashtra:

Pastor Samuel and Br. Cherry ministered in the two nights’ meetings; hundreds came forward to receive Jesus as their personal savior.

January 6, 2008 - Mumbai:

Pastor Samuel ministered in the combined worship service; more than 600 believers from different cultures worshipped. We had a blessed time!

January 11-13, 2008 - Chennai:

Thousands attended the crusades. Per the Local Coordinator, the decision cards of new converts exceeded 1,500. Demon possessed were set free, sick healed, believers revived. Yes indeed, it was an awesome time.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, we can humbly confess that the Lord has used these empty vessels for his glory. Time and again the Lord has proved that it is not us but him. It is the result of your fervent prayers. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for standing with us by prayer and support. Would you consider traveling with us in our next mission trip?

INDIA - 2007

Mission Trip -India:

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective! Again he (Elijah) prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops (James 5:18). EIM team visited India in April (summer in India is intolerable). However, because of the prayers of the children of God, it rained before few days of the meetings in and around the locations and the temperature dropped. Thank God for the authority the Lord has placed upon His church. The team came back safely!

April 14,15 – Ranni, Kerala:

This meeting was organized by the effort of many churches. Multitudes were in attendance for this District convention. Pastor Joseph Samuel ministered from the word and the believers were revived.

April 20– 22 : Gujarat, India - Youth conference:

The meeting started on Friday morning with the youth conference. Around 500+ youths were in attendance. Br. Aby Paul shared the word followed by Pastor Samuel. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was tangible. Many young people dedicated their life for full time ministry and are ready to join Bible School.

Pastors Conference:

Pastors Conference was held on Saturday Morning. Hundreds of ministers attended the conference. Evg. Varghese Samuel and Pastor Thomas Chacko shared from the word. Pastor Samuel spoke for a short time and invited the Pastors for an impartation of anointing. He asked the Pastors to come and stand in a specific spot .Oh Yes! power of the Lord hit the pastors and they were on the floor one by one.

Women’s conference:

Women’s conference was also held on Saturday morning in a different location. Hundreds of women attended the meeting. Sisters Santhamma Samuel, Beena Thomas and Grace Cherian ministered. Mighty deliverances were reported.


There were three open crusades: Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Br. Paul and Pastor Samuel shared from the word. Thousands were in attendance in each meeting and hundreds came forward to receive Jesus Christ as personal savior. Many miracles were reported and we are a witness to it. Few among several were called to come to the stage to witness the healing. Healing included, many people's visions came back - many diseases healed, pain disappeared from the body, heart conditions healed, crippled walking strait and so on.

April 23, 24 – Bangalore:

Pastor Samuel shared from the word in the fasting prayer arranged by Bethel Assembly of God. In each meeting the crowd exceeded 3,000. The Lord had prophetic word for his children and the people were revived. We have seen the Lord doing marvelous things; demon possessed set free; sick healed; gospel preached to the poor. This is the result of your fervent prayers and support. All Glory and Honor go to our Master, Jesus Christ, who saved, healed and delivered his people. Amen!

INDIA - 2006

February 13th, Bethel AG, Bangalore:

An impartation service was held at this church. Though it was a Monday night service, hundreds attended the service. The presence of God saturated the place and people were touched by the fire of God.

Srirampur, Maharashtra, India – February 14th & 15th – Coordinator’s Report (Pastor P.T.):

Once again, I am convinced, it is not what we do but what the Holy Spirit does. About 300 Pastors/Leaders attended the Ministers conference. The two-day crusade had about 1,750 gathering each night. Pastor Joseph and Sister Susan Koshy ministered.

“After the singing session, Sis. Susan spoke from the word along with a powerful testimony that touched many people. After that Rev. Joseph Samuel preached from the word of God. He challenged the people and spoke from the life of Elisha. He challenged them to “take the step by faith; to do some thing and you will see the miracle in your life”. As he made the alter call, hundreds came to receive Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. Many demon possessed were delivered instantly. Many threw their walking sticks and crutches and walked properly. Tumor had disappeared. Many miracles took place. Many people gave their testimony of healing in public. That was a miraculous night. (Pastor P.T.)”

Chennai, India – February 16th – 19th - Coordinator Pastor TC:

“We are very glad to say about our Chennai crusade with Pastor Joseph Samuel & team. It was such a blessing for this country. About 20,000 people gathered on that ground each night. The crusade was much anointed and thousands of people got saved. God has done marvelous things. Many healings were reported, such as, cancer, heart problems and hip pain, and paralyze person stood up. We still receive report that a lot of demon possessed women got free; many drunkard men got liberated; many broken families were united; Satan’s work was destroyed. God truly touched this city and people still testify that Jesus is live today. The crowd did not want to go home because of the presence of Holy Spirit (Pastor TC).”

In the recent three-day crusade conducted in Chennai, India, the crowd exceeded 10,000 each event and more than thousand new souls have been added to the kingdom of God. Numerous people have been healed of different diseases. In the Pastors Conference, more than 200 pastors attended and they have been challenged and revived. The river of God just flooded the place - praise God for the amazing move of God.

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